Our tentative fall schedule is complete!   Please remember that we will only allow 7-8 students per class, so they will fill quickly. Register now to ensure your spot in the classes you want!  



ROOM A                                       ROOM B

3:00pm - solo/duet

3:30pm - solo/duet

                                                     4:00pm - Trilogy Ballet/Tap/Tumble 2

4:30pm - Trilogy Ballet/Tap/Tumble 1

                                                     5:30pm - Junior Acro 2

6:00pm - solo/duet                   6:15pm - Junior Ballet 2

6:30pm - solo/duet

7:00pm - Junior Tap 2               7:00pm - solo/duet

7:45pm - solo/duet

8:15pm - solo/duet

8:45pm - solo/duet



ROOM A                                     ROOM B

3:00pm - solo/duet

3:30pm - solo/duet

4:00pm - Mini Hip-Hop         4:00pm - Creative Movement

4:30pm - Mini Tap                  4:30pm - Pre-Dance

5:15pm - Senior Ballet 4       5:15pm - Mini Ballet 

                                                  5:45pm - Teen Ballet 3

6:45pm - Teen Tap 3              6:45pm - Pointe

7:30pm - Senior Tap 4

8:15pm - solo/duet

8:45pm - solo/duet                    



ROOM A                                       ROOM B

3:00pm - solo/duet

3:30pm - solo/duet

4:00pm - Junior Lyrical 1/2

4:45pm - Junior Jazz 2               5:00pm - Teen/Sr. Acro 3

5:30pm - Mini Jazz 

6:00pm - Junior/Teen Modern 6:00pm - Mini Acro

6:45pm - Teen Lyrical 3             6:45pm - solo/duet

                                                      7:15pm - Senior Conditioning

                                                      8:15pm - Senior Jazz 4 





ROOM A                                        ROOM B

3:00pm - solo/duet

3:30pm - solo/duet

                                                      4:00pm - Teen Conditioning

4:15pm - Senior Musical Theatre

5:00pm - Senior Hip-Hop          5:00pm - Teen Jazz 3

5:45pm - Break                           5:45pm - solo

6:15pm - Senior Modern          6:15pm - Teen Hip-Hop 

7:15pm - Floorwork                   7:00pm - Jr/Teen Musical Theatre

8:00pm - Senior Lyrical 4          

8:45pm - solo/duet



 Fridays will be used for make-up classes and any extra rehearsals






Adult Tap & Musical Theatre (Time TBD)


****Class placement is determined by the instructors and is based on ability, experience, work ethic and attitude, NOT by age, grade or friends.  Please understand that the instructors place students where they feel is best for the student.  Students all progress at their own rate and are not all the same. Students will initially be placed where instructors feel best, based on previous year and/or experience, however, we will be doing placement auditions for our mini/junior/teen/senior age groups in September.  These will also help in determining each students final class placement.   If you would like to schedule a conference with our instructors to discuss your child's progress, please contact us.  Please do not question another students class placement.  We will only discuss your child's placement with you. ****   


 You will get an email with your child's class placement once we have received your registration. Please mail all registrations to Miss Amy @ 1095 County Road 35, Guilford, NY 13780 or email them to Miss Amy @ amycuozzo@gmail.com  

Dance friends and ballet shoes
Miss Amy gives personal attention to each student
At the barre
Performance at Salvatore Theatre in NYC
Dance shoes